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and how this started...

I am a professional opera singer (and occasional web designer).  I've lived in London for fifteen years and am originally from New Zealand. I've always had a great love of food and cooking and especially creating feasts for loved ones. The 2020 COVID-19 Crisis has been devastating for all in the performing arts industry. When lockdown happened in the UK and New Zealand closed its borders, I was about to head to New Zealand to sing Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Auckland before heading back to London to sing one of my most anticipated roles at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  This was of course all cancelled and all my subsequent work this year as well, until 2021.

I live in a wee flat in West London with my husband, Michael, also a musician, and my two daughters, Chloe (6) and Eleanor (4). During lockdown, I turned, as people often do at times of crisis, to the kitchen, using food to help all of us find beauty, normality, pleasure and nourishment. It has also served as a temporary alternative creative outlet.

I started posting about my #coronaviruscookingchronicles on instagram (here) and on facebook, and had so much positive feedback about how much my posts were inspiring people to find a rejuvenated joy in cooking for their families or themselves. Quite a number of people suggested I start a blog, so here it is!

I'm not a professional cook by any means - I have made wedding cakes and had other cakes commissioned as I have a particularly affinity for cake decorating (see my cakes on instagram here) but I have a cookbook obsession and love working in the kitchen. 

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