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the kiwifruit 'Te Kanawa' bellini

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

BEHOLD The Kiwi 🥝’Te Kanawa’ Bellini!!! Named after Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, this is the ultimate singer’s cocktail, with kiwifruit, fresh lime, fresh ginger, manuka honey and Prosecco. Excellent for keeping winter lurgy away too. (I know that's a tui in the picture by the way). This was a recipe formulated for the Blackheath Halls 'Thursday Nights in with Nicky Spence'. See the full video cook-along here.

Makes 4 champagne flutes or so...


3 kiwifruit (green flesh, ripe)

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

1 lime

1 tsp manuka honey or whatever honey you have

1/2 bottle dry prosecco


Peel and quarter the kiwifruit with with a sharp knife. Cut out the white core. Add to a small food processor (NOT a nutribullet or a blender that is likely to break up the seeds - I use the small processor attachment of my stick blender, similar to this one. Juice the lime and add all the juice to the processor, along with the grated ginger and manuka honey. Blend until relatively smooth, but watch the seeds don't break up!

You can either strain through a sieve or tea strainer in to champagne flutes or just add the pulp directly in to the glasses, which is what I do - about a fifth of the glass. Top up slowly with prosecco, stir and decorate the rim with a slice of kiwifruit sliced at the radius in to the core, but not all the way through the core as it will continue to slide in to two halves!

This drink has been approved by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa herself!

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